Student Housing in the Summer

Eligibility for Summer Housing

All active Webster students are eligible for summer housing. In order to be eligible for summer housing, students must have been actively enrolled in the prior spring semester, upcoming fall semester, or the summer term which coincides with the student's summer housing request. May graduates who are not seeking additional enrollment/degrees are not eligible. Incoming students are not eligible for summer housing, as these students are not yet considered to be actively enrolled. Summer site transfer or study abroad students are required to live on-campus per the residency requirement.

Summer Placement

There is no guarantee that students will be able to stay in their current placement, or move to their fall placement, as their summer assignment. Facilities work, summer camps and conferences, and other departmental needs will dictate which spaces are available for students to live in the summer, and when the move process from their current space will take place. This typically happens soon after Spring move-out, as soon as spaces can be prepared for summer students.

Students wanting to live in Webster Housing should watch their email later in the semester for information on the Summer 2023 Housing Contract.

Summer 2023 Pricing

Summer Housing Rate
WVA 2-bed apartment $1,800
WVA 4-bed apartment $1,550
WVA efficiency, shared $1,550
WVA efficiency, single $2,250
Big Bend/Glen Park 1-bed shared $1,500
Big Bend/Glen Park 1-bed single $3,000
Big Bend/Glen Park 2-bed shared $1,800

Note: Not all space types will be available every summer.

Summer Camps, Conferences and Intern Housing

If you are looking for options for Housing related to a camp, conference or internship you are hosting, we have options. Please reach out to Kole Myrick, at, for information.