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Propel Your Career Forward with a Master of Science in Marketing Degree

Marketing powers global commerce, brand awareness, advertising campaigns, consumer spending, market research and social media — it's at the heart of it all.

Become a leader in an industry that rewards strategy, solutions, insights and problem solving. The Walker School of Business & Technology’s MS in Marketing degree will prepare you to analyze marketing challenges, apply analytical tools and techniques, and formulate effective marketing solutions within complex, real-world business settings.

If you’ve already earned your undergraduate degree — whether in business or another area — and you’re interested in obtaining a focused master’s degree in business, our marketing graduate program is ideal for you.

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Obtain a Global Education Focused on Your Professional and Personal Development

Webster University provides unique global experiences that will prepare you to lead in your community and around the world. Learn to address critical issues facing marketing experts, and leverage analytics and other tools to produce impactful marketing strategies.

As you earn your graduate marketing degree, you’ll build knowledge and skills in managing value creation by developing and evaluating marketing strategies and objectives to foster long-term success and promote meaningful relationships.

Our marketing graduate program will also develop your personal skills in communication, personal brand management, leadership and ethics, all of which are keys to success as a marketing professional.

Earning your graduate marketing degree is a smart decision in today’s business climate. Evidence suggests that graduates with specialized business master’s degrees are becoming more desirable to employers.


Choose Webster for Your Master of Science in Marketing Degree

Fit Earning Your Degree Into Your Already Busy Life

Webster offers convenient learning opportunities to fit your lifestyle. Personalize your graduate marketing degree program by choosing to earn your degree in person, online with live streaming or recorded instruction, or a hybrid option. For on-site students, you’ll learn in small classes averaging 12 students.

Learn From Faculty Mentors Who Are Experienced Industry Pros

Our faculty are business experts offering professional experience in areas like branding, product development, distribution, international business, digital marketing, social media marketing and advertising. Many of our faculty members conduct ongoing research in their specific field, which offers you keen insights into current marketing practices.

Develop Real-World Insights Through Experiential Learning Opportunities

Marketing projects through our courses in Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics and Marketing Management allow you to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve learned to real-world situations. Faculty research projects also offer you opportunities to develop valuable marketing insights.

Obtain a World-Class, Accredited Master of Science in Marketing Degree

Our MS in Marketing degree program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) , which is dedicated to improving the quality of business schools and programs around the world.

Expand Your Professional Network And Your Personal Brand

Leverage Webster’s relationships and collaborations with more than 100 multinational, regional and local organizations. Take advantage of professional networking events and other interactive opportunities to make connections that can boost your career options.

Gain a Competitive Edge with a Dual Degree (MBA/MS in Marketing)

Expand your wheelhouse with your MS in Marketing and an MBA. Webster offers you the opportunity to earn two separate degrees simultaneously by completing the requirements for both programs. Fortify your personal brand and stand out to employers who recognize the value of your offerings.

Program Spotlight



Text on screen: Program Spotlight: Marketing (MS)

Text on screen: Eric Rhiney, Chair, Associate Professor, Management Department

Eric Rhiney: So, at the heart of our MS and marketing program is a strategic intent to develop the next generation of marketing leaders. There are very few aims in marketing programs out there. So it's one of the few that really gives you a deep strategic, deep thinking of marketing from a leadership perspective.

[Footage of Rhiney teaching a class online at his desk, engaging with students.]

[Footage of two students collaborating on a project]

The other thing that I really like about it is that we have very small classes, so we get to know our students. They get to know us and each other, and that really helps to drive learning.

Text on screen: Payton H. (Student)

Payton H.: It's one of the major reasons why I decided to go to Webster in the first place.

[Footage of professor sitting at a table with two students having a conversation.]

It's very hands on and one on one. And you get to know pretty much everyone in class.

Text on screen: Hands-On Learning: Experiential Learning for Real-World Challenges

Rhiney: Our marketing program combines rigorous course work, experiential learning and some practical one on one applications.

Text on screen: Hannah F. (Student)

Hannah F.: There was a lot more of intimate group work where we were doing case studies, where we were working with real working professionals that would come in and present us with a business problem, and we would have an hour to come up with a solution and come back and present it back to them.

Payton: I love how most of the professors, they also have their own jobs within the business world.

[Footage of professors teaching in various modalities, including in class and online]

So it's basically they bring a lot of real-life experience and real life examples in it that really helped to drive home a lot of the material that's being taught.

Rhiney: I really push my students.

[Footage of Rhiney teaching an online class]

I feel like it's necessary because as they get into these higher leadership positions, the unknown is going to hit them. So I want to hit them with that unknown in the classroom.

Text on screen: Flexible Learning: Providing Students with Resources to Succeed

So the program really is ideal for recent college graduates who want to pursue a career in marketing, as well as mid-career professionals who are looking to enhance their marketing knowledge and skills.

[Footage of students working on online lessons, both on a tablet and a laptop]

Hannah: I was a full-time student while at Webster during my master's degree and I was also full time working, and having teachers that were really flexible was really, really helpful for me.

Payton: I feel my professors here are really setting me up for success, because most of them have a lot of connections within the business world.

[Footage of students collaborating together, footage of Eric Rhiney teaching an online class]

They want to help you as much as they can and get you involved and get you going to career fairs and getting talk to people for internships and careers down the road.

Rhiney: When I see them really achieve and I see that they gain that confidence of achieving, that's terrific for me. I love it.

[Webster University logo animates on screen]

Text on screen:

Have Confidence Receiving an Accredited Education

Our Walker School of Business & Technology is accredited by the ACBSP), an organization dedicated to improving the quality of business schools and programs around the world, and ultimately, to improving the practice of business in every industry.

ACBSP Accreditation Badge

What Can You Do with a Master of Science in Marketing Degree?

Webster’s graduate marketing degree program promotes and supports individual success by preparing students to enter or advance their careers as marketing managers, executives and other key positions in the wide-ranging field of marketing.

As a program graduate, you’ll be able to effectively evaluate and analyze information in order to make impactful strategic marketing decisions. You’ll learn to effectively manage value creation by developing and evaluating marketing strategies and objectives to foster long-term success and promote meaningful relationships.

Program graduates have obtained positions as:

  • Brand Manager
  • Product Development Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Sales Manager Specialist
  • Nonprofit Marketing Specialist

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) , overall employment of advertising, promotions and marketing managers is projected to grow 10% from now until 2031 — nearly double the growth rate for all jobs.

Salary Information for MS in Marketing Graduates

Many career positions for marketing professionals offer attractive salaries. The BLS reports that the median annual salary for advertising, promotions and marketing managers is $133,380. Looking at BLS salary statistics for related career areas, the annual median salary for public relations and fundraising managers is $119,860, and the annual median salary for sales managers is $127,490.

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