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Webster University’s Department of History, Politics and International Relations prepares our students with the insight, knowledge and perspectives necessary for global citizenship. Bridging the humanities and social sciences, we offer complimentary areas of specialization in the majors of history, political science and international relations.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Multiple subjects, interconnected.

Benefit from our interdisciplinary department by engaging with history, political science, international relations and human rights faculty. Become fearless and perceptive readers, vivid and effective writers, critically thinking problem solvers and well-informed citizens of the world.


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Our programs offer over 20 different undergraduate and graduate majors, minors and certificates that meet your academic and professional goals.

Law schools look for broadly-educated individuals who precisely communicate objectives and motives. Students select courses based on their own interests and abilities to earn an undergraduate degree with a focus on pre-law. Webster's academic advisors help Pre-Law students design a curriculum that reflects the recommendations for pre-legal education developed by the Association of American Law Schools.

Access the American Bar Association's webpage regarding prelaw education

The International Relations program offers multiple graduate degree options and specialities, including a combined Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts:

Certificate options include:

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With campuses spanning four continents and students from 138 countries, our University’s reach and impact are unparalleled. Whether you’re a four-year undergraduate or balancing a career and master’s degree, study abroad experiences are accessible to all.

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