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The Department of Global Languages, Cultures and Societies helps students develop the skills to understand and critically engage with the consequences of complex flows of people, goods, ideas, conflicts and social problems across borders. Students hone critical thinking, language fluency, intercultural competence and holistic knowledge of important global social problems to prepare them for careers in business, economic development, nonprofit sector, government and international organizations, and culture industries. For more information about the department, send an email to glcs@webster.edu.


Jessica Wright
Next Century Leaders Endowed Scholarship Fund Recipient

“I hope to help bridge language gaps, and bring people and their respective cultures closer together. Communication in any relationship is immensely important.”

Jessica Wright
Jessica Wright

BA in International/Global Studies, ‘22

Global Languages, Cultures and Societies Department Academic Resources

Students majoring in one of the programs administered by the Global Languages, Cultures and Societies department are encouraged to seek the direction of a Global Languages, Cultures and Societies faculty advisor as early in their studies as possible. A departmental faculty advisor will help assess and plan the student's program of study, focusing on the student's specific academic and career goals. The diversity of activities for which students are preparing themselves urges this approach: some students are seeking careers in teaching, social service, museums, historical societies, nonprofit organizational settings, or corporations, while others are preparing for admission to graduate and professional training programs.

Chinese (Mandarin), English as a Second Language, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. When there is sufficient interest, other languages are also offered, such as American Sign Language, Italian, Latin and Russian.

International Distinction award

Students who complete their undergraduate requirements and satisfy three core components of international education earn our University’s prestigious ‘International Distinction’ award.

Learn more about International Distinction Award program

There is an exchange of students as assistant instructors between Webster University and the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina, and between Webster and the French Ministry of Education. Advanced students of Spanish and French have the opportunity to apply for these teaching assistantships.

Students of German may apply for an internship through the University at Villingen-Schweningen, close to Stuttgart. Students are encouraged to apply for the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals in their senior year, which includes an internship and study at a university.

Webster University offers an exchange program with Kansai University in Japan.

The department also provides study abroad programs in France, Belgium, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Austria and Germany.

The minor in Anthropology: Archeology Focus offer the unique opportunity to study abroad at the Athens campus where students may experience firsthand many of the social-cultural and political-economic issues introduced in the classroom.

Le Centre Francophone

Our Webster University community established Le Centre Francophone in 2012 with the goal of promoting French and francophone cultures in and around St. Louis, Missouri — a city with one of the strongest French heritages in the United States.

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In addition to the main campus in St. Louis, Missouri, Webster's locations extend across the United States and abroad. Our innovative curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities and world-class faculty members offer a diverse learning environment and real-world experience for a well-rounded education.


[Music fades in with text appearing over a photo of the St. Louis Arch.]

Text on screen: Welcome to Webster University

[Overhead shot of Webster Groves campus with fall leaves and students walking to class.]

Text on screen: and to our Global Campus Network

[A blue and black map of the world.]

Text on screen: Webster University’s Study Abroad Locations

Text on screen: Athens, Greece, Geneva Switzerland, Leiden, the Netherlands, Vienna, Austria

[Various photos of students at a historical site in Athens, aesthetic plants and the beachfront.]

Text on screen: Athens, Greece

[Photos of Geneva campus with mountains in the background, the campus dorms and a group student photo.]

Text on screen: Geneva, Switzerland

[Video of the Webster Leiden campus: multiple white and red buildings, a Webster Leiden flag, and a moving photo of students posing.]

Text on screen: Leiden, the Netherlands

[A photo of the Vienna campus, a large white building. A timelapse of the bustling city and a photo of three diverse students hanging out.

Text on screen: Vienna, Austria

[There is big, bold text in the middle of a photo collage.]

Text on screen: A Leader in GLOBAL EDUCATION

[One of the pieces of the collage mentions Webster’s WINS program and the photos slide out of frame.]

Text on screen: Webster University, WINS (Webster International Network of Schools)

[All text and photos disappeared and is replaced by text sliding into place.]

Text on screen: Webster’s Global Campuses EXPAND STUDY ABROAD for universities & students.

[The text is replaced by a fast-paced photo slideshow. The first photo is five students posing at the Athens campus, sitting on a railing with the sunset behind them. A student takes a photo with their camera phone.]

[A photo of six dance majors posing in the hallway with arms and legs outstretched. A student taking a photo of mountains and water, equipped with camera and hiking gear. A Vienna student bounces a ball on their knee.]

[A brief video of tourists and students at the Acropolis. A photo of a student posing with Greece behind them. A snippet of another video of a windmill in Leiden and cyclists crossing a bridge.]

[The photo slideshow continues. A photo of three students talking with old architecture behind them. A Gorlok poses with a student at an event.]

[Footage of a graduation ceremony at Webster Leiden. Students throw their caps in the air as the video fades to a blue screen.]

Text on screen: Webster University

[Ending video footage of the St. Louis campus.]



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