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The new Integrated Strategic Communications BA degree is the next generation of communications education. It’s designed to prepare students as knowledgeable and experienced young professionals working across the range of communication disciplines they will encounter upon graduation. With an emphasis on digital communications, Webster empowers students to be communication leaders with a strong sense of responsibility to continue to support all voices and points of view.

The new Integrated Strategic Communications degree is designed to take advantage of the changes in the industry for less specialization and more knowledge in all forms of communications. As an expert in strategic communications, you’ll connect organizations with diverse audiences using a broad skill set that pulls from multiple disciplines, and analyze communication opportunities across owned, earned and paid media channels.

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Choose Webster for Your BA in Strategic Communications Degree

Collaborate with Experienced Professors

Learn from award-winning faculty members with decades of professional experience as academic researchers, reporters and consultants at billion-dollar companies who have made invaluable contributions to the fields of advertising, marketing, public relations and strategic communications. They bring their unique industry knowledge into the classroom to prepare you for a successful career.

Get Real-World Experience

As you earn your degree at Webster, you’ll immerse yourself in the practice of strategic communications through numerous projects and internships with real clients — including companies such as OBP, Emmis Communications, Live Nation, Javelin, Inc., Fox Sports Midwest, HLK and St. Louis Magazine. We integrate vital internship experience into our program so you can learn to apply the theories and lessons from classes to real-world work environments at agencies, organizations, nonprofits, sports franchises and government entities.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Equipment

Integrated Strategic Communications students have access to our cutting-edge media production and education classrooms, which include unique and first-in-the-region technologies and capabilities. Work with your peers in our audio and video production/recording suite, sound stage, workshop space, photography studio, gallery, animation studio, game design lab and video post-production labs to turn your vision into reality.

Excel at Webster University

“My classes are interactive and I’ve been able to form meaningful connections with my professors. One of my professors even got me an internship!”

Lilie Floyd

BA in Advertising and Marketing Communications, '25

What Can You Do With an Integrated Strategic Communications Degree?

The list of jobs for Integrated Strategic Communications majors is vast: from web design and sales to management and writing. Thanks to the broad set of marcom skills and expertise you’ll gain at Webster, you can pursue a rewarding career that speaks to your interests and career goals. This includes a balanced education covering in-depth theory with extensive real-world experience in fields such as consumer products, business-to-business marketing and institutional advertising execution in broadcast, print, online and social media.

Graduates of our undergraduate Integrated Strategic Communications degree program are also exceptionally positioned to join the graduate program to continue developing their skills and improving their marcom techniques.

Students who earn a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Strategic Communications from Webster become successful professionals and enjoy careers as:

  • Art and Creative Directors
  • Strategic and Media Planners
  • Electronic Advertising Specialists
  • Copywriters
  • Digital Production and Social Media Coordinators
  • Graphic Designers

Salaries for Integrated Strategic Communications Graduates

Your salary as a strategic communication specialist depends greatly on your chosen path within the field. In general, media and communication professionals earn an average salary of $66,240 — according to the BLS. There are many career options for Integrated Strategic Communications graduates, offering a wide range of salaries. In 2022, marketing research analysts made a median of $68,230 per year, while on the higher end, advertising, promotions and marketing managers made a median of $138,730 per year.

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Four students at table talking over books and computers.

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